Fitbit releases fitness apps for Xbox players

Fitbit Coach
Consoles are often regarded as lazy sports gamers. This does not seem to be relevant anymore, because Fitbit has just released their fitness app on the Xbox console.

Mentioned on the Fitbit site, an application called Fitbit Coach comes as a personalized training app. Fitbit mentions there are some Microsoft devices that can use this application.

Among the variants of the Xbox One console (Xbox One, One S, One X) and PC and Surface Laptop and Surface Pro are based on Windows operating system 10.

Fitbit Coach application is actually present for a long time in the smartphone. The presence of this application to rely on features in the ranks of Xbox One variants that can detect and display the heartbeat of his players.

These features are then used by Fitbit Coach. This app will provide video and audio guide content but Fitbit Coach will set the price for its services.

Fitbit also said there will be many features that can be used on the application on the Xbox if users also wear Fitbit fitness watches.