Game Boy gets up again at CES 2018

Game Boy
In the event CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2018 in Las Vegas, United States, many technological devices that attract attention. Not only the latest but also the old one can rise again, for example, Game Boy gaming console ever created Nintendo.

Some time ago Nintendo had re-released NES and SNES Classic Edition in mini size, this time Game Boy bounced back but not from the hands of Nintendo but a peripheral gaming company called Hyperkin.

Hyperkin showcased a similar device Game Boy with the name Ultra Game Boy. There are some modified parts of the Game Boy. For example the material used is metal aluminum, not plastic.

Volume buttons and LCD screen contrast settings are still available on the side, but now users can set the RGB level of the screen and activate the backlit LCD. If users want more feel the impression retro, they can disable the backlit LCD.

To play the game, the way is still the same. Users must insert game catridge on the back of Ultra Game Boy. You who still have the Game Boy catridge can still play it.

Battery used Ultra Game Boy comes in the form of rechargeable battery that is filled with USB-C cable. Hyperkin claims the battery can last up to 6 hours of use. In addition, stereo speakers and audio ports are available.

Hyperkin himself is optimistic that Ultra Game Boy will be released this summer in the United States at a price below US $ 100. Not yet known how Nintendo's response to the rise of one of his best-selling gaming consoles in the past.

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