Google acquired startup Redux audio creator screen smartphone

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Google buys startup from the UK called Redux, the owner of technology that allows the smartphone screen to function similar speakers. This technology is considered able to assist manufacturers in developing phones without speakers.

The development of mobile phones without speakers is able to provide more internal space, so it can be used for battery-sized loading and larger capacity and other components.

Through the vibration of the screen using a small actuator, the sound can be delivered through the screen. In addition, to produce similar sound types with mobile speakers, Redux technology also produces haptic feedback when the user taps the screen.

Redux has 178 patents other than 50 other patents are still in the process of registration at the relevant regulatory bodies. The acquisition of Google and Redux took place on August 6, two and a half months after Redux received funding from Arie Capital.

Funding newly acquired Redux is reportedly worth US $ 5 million. Meanwhile, until now, there is still no information related to the price paid by Google to acquire Redux.

This technology is expected to be applied to the next generation of Google Pixel devices. Eliminating speakers on Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL is rated to allow smartphone manufacturers to increase battery life and improve sound from mobile phones.

Google is also considered necessary to ensure that this technology is able to survive in the long term and not problematic, especially after all issues affecting Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL this year. A number of such problems are related speakers on both phones.

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