Google and Huawei are working together to accelerate adoption of RCS-based messaging services

RCS-based messaging service
Google and Huawei are working together to accelerate the adoption of RCS-based messaging services, announcing that RCS-based Android Messages apps are immediately integrated across Huawei's smartphone portfolio.

According to the official statement it shares, Google calls Android Messages and RCS messaging service, Huawei's device is claimed to be able to offer rich native communication and messaging experience.

A number of features such as messaging via Wi-Fi, and sharing of media content, group chat, and typing indicators are now called will be the default part of Huawei's devices. Messages from businesses will also be upgraded on Huawei devices via Google's RCS business messaging service.

Also called Huawei users will be able to make video calls directly from Android Messages, via the ViLTE mobile network and Google Duo. For information, RCS is intended to replace SMS and MMS standards.

Offering more capabilities than its predecessor, some operators are considered not yet intending to take part in this technology.

Google designed its Jibe Cloud platform to help telecom companies launch RCS more easily. The partnership with Huawei is assessed to help foster better adoption by offering Jibe as an integrated part of the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) network to fellow mobile operators. 

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