Google Clips is reported to have passed the FCC certification test

Google Clips
Announced in late October 2017 along with second-generation Pixel phones, action cameras armed with artificial intelligence support (AI), Google Clips, passed the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) certification test.

It also indicates that Google will officially release Clips to the market in the near future. This small camera will be marketed for US $ 249, and will use a special algorithm to record only the best moments.

Until now, according to information circulating, this action camera will come with the ability to track and record a familiar face and smile. It is intended to record the user's memory with people close.

Supported with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, this camera gets rejection from a number of parties due to their concerns related to privacy. Google denies these concerns by mentioning that Clips does not function as a surveillance camera.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology support is aimed at Google makes it easier for users to review photos and recordings, and upload content manually to the user's Google Photos library.

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