Google integrate all digital payment systems into Google Pay

Google Pay
Google simplifies their digital payment system, incorporating all the payment methods they have previously provided into one new system called Google Pay.

In a blog post, Vice President of Product Management for Payments, Pali Bhat explains that the step Google takes is rebranding existing apps rather than changing the products or technologies Google has launched before.

He said the two products to be one are Android Pay (Google's mobile payment platform) and Google Wallet (peer-to-peer payment app).

Later, merging Google Wallet and Android Pay into one will facilitate the purchase and payment process via Google.

If you store payment information in your Google account, you do not have to worry about what app you use to make payments, because they're under Google Pay.

"With Google Pay, it's easier for you to take advantage of payment information stored in your Google account, so you can pay calmly," Bhat writes.

"Within the next few weeks, you'll see an active Google Pay, either in stores or in Google products."

For example, when you want to make a purchase from Google or from Google's peer stores and apps, you'll see your Google Pay payment method as a payment option. Some Google colleagues include Airbnb, Dice, Fandango,
HungryHouse and Instacart.  

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