Google is working with Tencent to reduce potential patent infringement litigation

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Google has reportedly reached an agreement on a patent license with a Chinese-origin company, Tencent. Previously, this company has also been doing similar cooperation with Samsung and LG.

This agreement is part of Google's plan to reduce potential patent infringement litigation. Thus, this agreement includes a number of products and possible collaborations in the future.

However, Google does not disclose the scope of patent products and licenses from this collaboration. "With this partnership, both companies can focus on making better products and services for users," said Mike Lee, Head of Patents Google.

Not a few who call this deal to be part of Google's efforts present in the Chinese market. As is known, the local government is blocking a number of services from the internet giant.

For that in recent years, Google continues to increase its presence in the Chinese market. One of them is by launching a research laboratory for artificial intelligence.

The company, led by Sundar Pichai, also invested in a Chinese streaming live streaming app called Chushou. The service is actually similar to Google's service, YouTube.

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, last month also spoke at a leading technology event in China held by Cyberspace Administration of China, which oversees Internet censorship.

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