Google opened a new office in China

Google Logo NYC
Google opened a third office in China secretly, saying that their hardware and advertising business in China continued to grow even though search services remained blocked.

Google's new office is located in Shenzhen, an area that was once a fishing village and is now transformed into Silicon Valley Asia. The city close to Hong Kong is home to the headquarters of various Chinese technology companies, including Tencent and Huawei.

Chinese companies such as Huawei and Xiaomi, which are now beginning to expand globally, are using Google and Facebook to advertise their products outside of China.

Google's search engine has been blocked in China since 2010. Google later withdrew in China after facing a conflict with Beijing over search censorship using politically sensitive keywords for years.

However, Google continues to operate and seeks to improve its relationship with the Chinese government.

Google's latest office, whose existence was first reported by TechCrunch, will support their two offices in Beijing and Shanghai, which have a total workforce of 600 people.

In an email sent to "Googlers in China", Google's boss in China said that there are a number of workers who often go to Shenzhen to take care of business.

"We heard a lot of feedback that it took a place to work when they were in the area, so after monitoring the location for several months, we have rented an office in Shenzhen," he wrote.

Later, the Google Office in Shenzhen can compete with offices in Beijing and Shanghai, with around 300 workers. Last month, Google also recently opened an artificial intelligence (AI) laboratory in China.  

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