Google parent company creates cyber security company

Chronicle logo
Alphabet, the parent company of Google and others today introduced to the public its new subsidiary that operates in cyber security system under the name Chronicle.

Chronicle itself has actually been running since 2016. However, secretly and still included in the Alphabet X group, which is a group containing projects such as Google Loon, and others.

The Chronicle has the foundation of a cybersecurity security system platform that has been used by Google that developed into a cyber security detection and protection tool.

"Combining machine learning and search capabilities is very good so we can help an organization see the overall security system," said Chronicle CEO Stephen Gillett.

According to Gillett, companies often receive thousands of security warnings that make it difficult to depth one by one and the impact hackers are able to hide behind security attacks for months.

"The impact is very serious, more data is stolen including the effects of such security attacks, so by using the best machine learning and data retrieval system we can now find out faster when cyber attacks occur," Gillett said.

The Chronicle says that its services are being tested by several large companies but it must be admitted that it is still too early to see how potential cyber security services are offered.

In addition, the Chronicle also has a product that is offered officially so we still have to wait how decent Chronicle smart cyber security platform runs and how powerful compared to security system companies that have been in business for a long time.

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