Google released a feature to disable reminder ads

Google Ad Reminders
Google released a feature that allows users to disable reminder ads with a maximum period of 90 days. Reminder ads are ads that appear and persuade users to buy something.

Most of these reminder ads appear when users search for something in the online store. Reminder ads can offer users a variety of things from socks, to the latest car output, and quite adaptable easily, because it can learn the desires of users.

This reminder ad is supported by Google Ads, and can only be seen if an advertiser is using Google's advertising program. This program allows advertisers to compile a list of visitors, which includes users if it is detected visiting the site.

The list is provided to Google who already knows what the user likes, and then displays ads on PCs and smartphones. Users can disable these reminder ads in the following four ways.

The first step is to log in to your Google Account and then access Ads Settings and the Your reminder ads section, then click the X icon next to the advertiser to stop their ads from appearing on your PC or smartphone.

This new feature is an improvement and an improvement from the previously available option of 'Mute this ad'. This option was first launched in 2012 and allows users to disable only one ad.

However, there is a difference between the two features, ie 'mute reminder ads' disabling ads from all domains, not just one domain. Meanwhile, Google is currently reportedly attempting to integrate the site into a new system.

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