Google releases security updates for Pixel and Nexus in January

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Google is ready to release Android security updates for Nexus and Pixel devices, which are still included in the devices it supports.

Google has released a general factory image and a complete OTA zip file that's available for download. Users can download the update, although it must compromise with a series of commands to handle the installation process.

Users are advised to wait for several hours, or in the worst case scenario, for a few days, to get updates via Over-The-Air (OTA). This update will be released from January 2nd or January 3rd time of the United States.
This update will also have a number of security patches in two levels. Patches per January 1, 2018 contains 20 bug fixes, while patches as of Jan 5 armed with 18 bug fixes.

The range of vulnerabilities from high to critical, with the worst vulnerability estimated is a media framework bug that allows attackers to execute malicious code remotely, via modified files.
Until now, no user-related reports have been affected by such attacks and issues. In the meantime, Google will bring you 46 other fixes for Nexus or Pixel devices.

These improvements include multiple function updates, one related to handling key upgrades in the store, while others are associated with increased stability and performance once the device gets updated.