Google stopped selling Android Pixel C Tablet

Google Pixel C Android tablet
Google began marketing Pixel C, Android operating system tablets of his work in 2015. At launch, some parties rate the tablet as a confusing device.

Pixel C is a smart device supported by software. Unfortunately the software is less able to function properly on the tablet. Now, Google announces stopping Pixel C marketing and removing it from Google authorized online store.

Nevertheless, Google says it remains committed to rolling out updates and support for Pixel C. The support includes updates to the Android operating system 8.0 Oreo, so users can still enjoy the best usage experience.

The decision to stop selling Pixel C was chosen by Google after launching the latest Google Pixelbook. Google rate Pixelbook offers a combination of the best parts of the laptop and tablet that users of computing devices want.

Meanwhile, Pixel C comes with basic features that consumers generally want from modern tablets, such as multitasking and accessing two applications in two windows on one screen.

Google also reportedly plans to open an offline store in India to sell its new smartphone. Google is considering opening a place for people trying their phones in India. There, customers can try Pixel 2.

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