Huawei lost cooperation with Verizon and AT & T due to political pressure in the United States

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Huawei reportedly lost his partnership with Verizon and AT & T to deliver the Mate 10 line to the US market at the last minute. It is claimed as the impact of political pressure that occurred in the United States.

Lawmakers in the US Congress asked for an investigation carried out seven years after the Huawei operator's device scandal that occurred in 2011, which is now also reaching the consumer level.
In addition, concerns related to privacy, industry spies, and other dangerous goals are considered often present along with the efforts of Chinese companies to enter the US market. It is considered by lawmakers to be the reason to stop marketing Mate 10.

However, this news is not enough to make Huawei lost his spirit in reaching the United States market. Huawei will officially market Mate 10 Pro via retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy or Newegg.
Huawei also announced his collaboration with Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot as Chief Experience Officer. The cooperation indicates that Wonder Woman will appear on various promotional videos to be launched by Huawei in the future.

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