Huawei wins charges for patent infringement in Chinese court against samsung

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Two years ago, Huawei sued Samsung in China and the United States for alleged infringement on some of their wireless communications technology patents. Now, the court in Shenzhen decided to win Huawei.

The court ordered Samsung to stop selling all products that use technology protected by a patent that Samsung violated. In addition, Samsung is also required to pay court fees, although the amount is not much.

The court decided to win Huawei after they found Samsung with malicious intentions delaying the process of negotiations that began in July 2011. The court also mentioned that Samsung looks obviously guilty.

This is the first round in a long court drama. At first, Huawei did not attempt to get any penalty from Samsung. Instead, they want the South Korean company to agree to sign a cross-licensing agreement. However, Samsung actually countered Huawei.

In the end, the China-based company sued Samsung in two other cities in its home country. Last April, the Quanzhou Intermediate People Court also won Huawei, forcing Samsung to pay a fine of US $ 11.6 million.

In response to this latest court decision, Samsung issued an official statement. They mentioned, they will review their decision and will take appropriate steps.

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