Instagram brings GIF support from Giphy on the Stories feature

Instagram Stories
Instagram reinforces his collaboration with Giphy, with the release of GIF library support for Stories features. This support allows users to search the GIF from the Giphy database and embed it into Instagram Stories.

The newly released Instagram support to a number of users in a certain region. The first three areas reported to receive GIF support on the Stories feature are Indonesia, Philippines and Brazil.

Instagram parent company, Facebook, has been cooperating with Giphy since Facebook started allowing users to comment with GIF, and utilize the Giphy search engine since last year.

Compared with the Augmented Reality (AR) Snapchat lens and Giphy's efforts related to its AR applications such as Giphy World, transparent GIF stickers that can be embedded in Instagram Stories are considered to offer better options and will be more quickly adopted.

When asked for comments, Instagram mentioned that his company is always testing ways to improve the experience of using social networking applications. The availability of this support in some users indicates its official launch in the near future.

Previously, Facebook was also reportedly experimenting to allow Instagram Stories uploads to be uploaded in WhatsApp. Still in the testing phase, Facebook called plans to release features to more users by the end of 2018.

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