Instagram users can already install GIF in Stories

Instagram Stories
Instagram officially released a useful feature to add GIF stickers to Stories content. Through these features, users can easily find GIF stickers through the GIPHY library.

However, users will also be able to upload photos and video content in a variety of sizes, meaning uploads are not edited to suit the portrait layout that Instagram Stories currently use.

To add an animated GIF sticker to Stories, click the Add sticker button at the top of the Stories content creator page, then tap on the new GIF option.

It will display a number of stickers from GIPHY that users can select, which can be drawn to embed to photos or videos.

If not satisfied with the option, the user can check the popular GIF in the GIPHY library, or check all the stickers offered by GIPHY. This GIF feature comes along with the update of Instagram version 29 for iOS and Android apps.

Once the update is available on the device, Instagram will also allow users to upload images and videos in various sizes to Stories, and use the multi-touch gesture to manipulate the image to its original ratio.

According to Instagram, the remaining space on the Stories feature screen on devices created by resizing photos and videos, will be populated with custom col
or grads tailored to user stories uploads. 

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