Intel says that patches for Spectre and Meltdown also caused a reboot on newer processors

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Intel acknowledged their new processor is having a reboot problem caused patch for Spectre / Meltdown. The processor maker had earlier said that the reboot problem only affected computers with Broadwell and Haswell processors. Now, they have managed to replicate the issue internally in their efforts to try to solve it.

Similar problems can occur on computers using Skylake and Kabylake, newer processors from Haswell and Broadwell.

Meanwhile, computers that use older Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge processors are also likely to be affected by bugs due to the patch. Fortunately, Intel VP, Navin Shenoy said, Intel is almost able to identify the cause of this problem.

Shenoy also discussed how patches for Spectre and Meltdown will affect the server, fulfilling Intel's promise to be more transparent.

He said Intel's patches do not affect the server's energy efficiency and they also do not detect any slowdowns when the server is used to run Java-based business applications.

Intel said they continue to work with colleagues and their customers to solve problems related to performance degradation.

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