Investors ask Apple to overcome cell phone addiction in children

Apple iPhone
Two investors asked Apple to develop software to limit the duration of children using their smartphones. This request comes from an investment group holding Apple shares worth US $ 2 billion.

The letter asking Apple to create the digital key was signed by Jana Partners and California's pension fund. The letter was sent to Apple last weekend. The request also received a good reception from academics who learned about the use of technology by the younger generation.

Jana Partners and the California State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS) called on Apple to reconsider the impact of over-use of smartphones on young generation mentally.

In his letter, the two mentioned a variety of studies that learned how excessive use of mobile phones can disrupt learning, undermine students' ability to concentrate on schoolwork and also make sleep deprived students.

The letter also discusses the impact of overlong social media usage on self-confidence. Both are worried, if Apple is not trying to overcome the problem related to the use of excessive smartphone, it will affect Apple's stock price.

Half of US teenagers believe they are addicted to smartphones and feel they must answer the messages they receive immediately.

Both Apple investment groups are also admitted that indeed, there are many factors that affect one's mental health. However, they added, it would be unreasonable to deny that the long-term use of smartphones has a detrimental effect on its users.

The two investment groups also said they would welcome an open discussion of the issue with Apple's board members.

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