iOS 11.3 add parental controls via Face ID

iPhone X Face ID
The beta version of iOS 11.3 will then be supported with a number of useful features for device users. One of the new features is related to permissions on family accounts for iPhone X.

On iOS 11.3, Apple brings purchasing licensing capabilities through family accounts by utilizing the Face ID feature. The presence of this capability is reportedly thanks to popular demand and is claimed to simplify permissions without the need to continuously enter long passwords.

In addition, this capability is also considered to facilitate users of X iPhone considering Apple's flagship phone is not equipped with Touch ID feature. After getting permission, the user must still enter the password the first time the child wants to make a purchase in iTunes.

Now, with the support of this capability, iPhone X will prompt the user if you want to enable the Face ID feature on subsequent purchase permissions. Unfortunately, this is considered potentially a negative impact, as it will be able to grant permission by itself, utilizing face scans when the user's parents are asleep.

Meanwhile, Apple reportedly has officially cut the number of iPhone X production on Monday. Apple is said to be reducing the number of units produced from initial target predictions over the period from January to March by 40 million, to 20 million units.

This production cut prompted speculation that the iPhone X will not experience a super cycle as predicted earlier. The reduction in the production unit is referred to as Apple's adjustment to the falling demand for iPhone X.

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