iPhone 7 Plus became the second best-selling mobile phone in China

Apple iPhone 7 Plus
Although China has many brands of smartphones, Apple remains one of the most popular producers. Not getting a rating of 1, in fact the iPhone 7 Plus still managed to become the best-selling smartphone in the country.

iPhone 7 Plus has sales of 2.8 percent in China, according to research by Counterpoint Research. iPhone became the only foreign brand that made it into the top 10 best-selling smartphone in China during 2017 yesterday.

However, the iPhone 7 Plus must admit defeat of Oppo R9s who managed to rank 1 in the list. Analyst Counterpoint Research James Yan said that sales of the iPhone 7 Plus in the early mid-2017 is very good in China, especially in the middle of the second year the price began to be trimmed with the presence of the latest iPhone.

For the iPhone 7 of Counterpoint research results mentioned that the iPhone 7 is in the fifth position in the rankings with sales that control the market share of 2.4 percent.

"Looking at the iPhone 7 Plus is more popular than the iPhone 7 shows that China's smartphone market that the price is not the only major consideration of consumers in the country .Specifications are still seen as the value sought by consumers," said Yan.

In the last two years Apple is in a position that is difficult enough to penetrate the Chinese market. So many local brands in the country are growing up.

But from four quarters of revenue, Apple managed to gain sales growth from the Chinese market by 12 percent year-on-year. Samsung itself that once controlled the Chinese market is now not included in the list of best-selling smartphone in the country throughout 2017.

Apple's achievement in China is a major achievement, let alone as a smartphone brand from the United States. In fact, Chinese brands themselves are still difficult to penetrate the smartphone market in the United States and overthrow the dominance of Apple as in the Asian region.

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