Kodak announces its first cryptocurrency and can buy photos from the photographer officially

Kodak Company
Perhaps most of you who grew up in the 1990s knew Kodak. Brand origin Uncle Sam's country this one is known as analog camera. However, Kodak's development in the camera industry is not able to compete with competitors such as Sony, Nikon, Canon, and FujiFilm.

However, Kodak reportedly will penetrate the line of business other than the camera. The company was founded since 1888 ago will launch its first digital currency (cryptocurrency), named KodakCoin.

KodakCoin reportedly will be launched in conjunction with Wenn Digital to create KodakOne photo copyright platform that can sell photos legally to avoid copyright infringement.

Thus, KodakCoin digital currency will be used for someone who can buy photographs from the photographer officially and can pay them directly with KodakCoin.

"Blockchain and cryptocurrency is a trend for technology companies now, but we as a pioneer of photography companies also do not want to be left behind by helping photographers empower their photography to be legitimately commercialized," Kodak CEO Jeff Clarke said.

"We want the business democracy of photographers to be encouraged too. We want to help photographers work to be appreciated and not infringed by copyright, so we present KodakCoin digital currency so that anyone can buy the desired photos and the benefits can be obtained by the photographers, "he continued.

However, Clarke did not reveal what KodakCoin does. Surely the digital currency will slide in the near future and can be used by everyone.

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