LG announced it will change its strategy for mobile division

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LG plans to postpone the announcement of its flagship smartphone, G7, until mid-March. Now, LG unveiled its plan to change the whole strategy to improve revenue on mobile business.

LG Electronics CEO Jo Seong Jin revealed some information when speaking to Korean media at the CES 2018. When touched on the G7 launch date, the LG official mentioned it will announce the next device when needed and does not need to be close to the competition.

Jo also mentioned there are plans to keep the secrets of high-end smartphones longer by using different methods such as releasing more variants of the model to be launched.

However, this LG CEO did not reveal the financial struggle facing LG mobile division, as the reason for the change of strategy. Jo only expressed the importance of maintaining a good platform over the long term. 

In addition, Jo also mentioned there are a number of concerns related to the supply of materials for lithium batteries 

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