LG registered a patented mobile phone patent that can turn into a tablet

2 folding phones
The registration of LG patents at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) reveals two different concepts for folding mobile phones. The phone is capable of being converted into a tablet.

This patent calls the product as a mobile phone with flexible screens that can be folded in half. The first version has two device bodies embedded side by side, with a single screen that can be folded half.

When the screen is folded, it resembles a smartphone and displays the "always on" screen. Meanwhile, when not folded, this device appears to resemble a tablet. The second version of the folding device on this LG patent document appears similar to the first version of the design.

The difference lies in the condition when folded, part of the second screen extends the first screen. This raises the bar on the flimsy sides, allowing it to be used to display icons or other data.

LG registered this patent in July 2017, and WIPO released the patent registration information last week. LG joins other manufacturers such as Samsung and Microsoft who are also developing mobile devices with a foldable design.

Meanwhile, VP and CEO of LG Jo Seong-jin reportedly ordered the mobile division to start developing the next flagship device from an early stage. This order was received after the announcement that LG will not launch a new device, to compete with Samsung. 

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