LG showcased the world's first 8K OLED screen resolution

8K OLED display resolution
In the 2018 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, USA, on January 7-12, LG will showcase OLED paneled televisions with the largest screen size at once the world's first resolution. LG will showcase televisions with 88-inch OLED panel with 8K resolution. LG products this time will increase the class of luxury television that is still limited to display 4K resolution.

It is known today that the OLED display panel market specifically on television sets has been mastered by a LG. OLED paneled televisions first came into the market in 2013 which is capable of delivering a darker black color than other types of panels.

In addition, the thickness of the television can also be trimmed to be thinner. OLED technology is not like the LCD technology that requires a backlight on the back, so it is still quite thick and can not display a really solid color.

After Samsung decided to stop producing OLED paneled televisions in 2015, LG became the only player in the industry. Samsung is still producing OLED panels for smartphone panel needs.

LG is also eager to do the same with Samsung, targeting OLED needs for smartphone screens. LG has just invested US $ 4.4 billion to build an OLED production plant overseas in Guangzhou, China.

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