LG V30 promo video show Google Daydream support

LG V30
LG released a new promotional video for the LG V30, featuring a boy video game enthusiast and wants to protect the world from aliens, named Jack Davis. This prompted Jack to enroll in the planet's shelter work at NASA.

Still a child, Jack certainly did not get the job, and the time he spends on watching alien and space movies goes to waste. The father realized that he had the chance to see the aliens before the child, thanks to the LG V30.

The opportunity earned by the father is an indicator that the LG V30 is supported with support for Google's Virtual Reality platform, Daydream. Using Daydream View headset, Jack's father had an opportunity to see aliens land on earth thanks to the utilization of Virtual Reality (VR) technology.

Jack's dad is shown to have an amazing experience, when creatures from other planets use similar hoverboard circles to fly towards him. The father reacted as if his sight really happened.

The video also shows that the VR's ability on the LG V30 allows Jack's father to have a better understanding of the son's dream. It is portrayed to be Jack's parents' motivation to continue supporting Jack's dream.