Logan Paul's case makes Google more strict than YouTube

Logan Paul
Google will begin to exercise closer scrutiny of YouTube channels that are part of Google Preferred premium advertising. Google will assign human moderators and machine monitoring lessons.

The human moderator and learning machine are tasked with detecting inappropriate videos to be part of the Preferred package. This step in response to advertiser concerns about videos is inappropriate for children.

Advertiser concerns are also reported to increase after one of YouTube's stars, one of them is Logan Paul, showing offensive behavior.

Logan Paul became one of the owners of a YouTube channel that is no longer part of the Peferred platform after uploading a video showing a corpse in a forest in Aokigahara, Japan.

Google calls Peferred a collection of the most popular YouTube channels among YouTube users in the United States ages 18 to 34.

In addition, it's the most interesting channel and contains brand-safe content on YouTube. These collections are grouped into categories such as fashion, pop culture, and recipes.

However, the recent controversy of Logan Paul shocked YouTube. Paul deleted the video after being watched by many, copied and spread across various other platforms. It also became a bigger crisis of moderation for Google, which last month said it will expand moderator staff to 10,000.

Meanwhile, YouTube representatives mentioned that Google Preferred is here to help consumers reach the most vibrant audiences on YouTube with ease.

Google Preferred claimed to have received good reception from consumers since last year, seen from the number of cooperation with big brands.

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