L'Oreal presents a UV sensor attached to the nail

UV Sense
L'Oreal introduces a new wearable UV sensor that users can pin on their fingernails. This tool is just a sensor, without Bluetooth or Wi-Fi support to connect to the smartphone.

This tool is supported by NFC so it lets users scan it using the phone to send their collected UV data, and can work on Android and iOS devices. The presence of this tool aims to help users track the time spent under sun exposure.

Carrying UV Sense's name, this tool is in charge of determining the user's time while outdoors, and once synced with the app, will provide the associated value of the length of time. The amount of sunlight exposed to each user varies.

L'Oreal calls the app to display the user's skin base and recommend a skin-based product. Applications will recommend their products with more general suggestions.

UV Sense comes with a replaceable adhesive material, so the user can reuse it after releasing it, as well as watches.

UV Sense will be marketed in the upcoming third quarter. L'Oreal is still reluctant to share information related to the price offer of this tool. However, one representative said the tool will be marketed at a price below US $ 50.

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