Mark Zuckerberg wants users to reduce time on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook again changes its News Feed content policy. This time, they will show more news from family and people closest to users.

This is done so that users do not linger on Facebook, as written Mark in writing on his Facebook page.

"I hope the time people spend on Facebook will go down, but I also expect the time you spend accessing this app becomes more valuable," Mark explained in a statement on his Facebook page on Thursday.

This is done up because Zuck believes this is the right thing. Thus, it is believed that giving these changes will be good for the community and their business in the long run.

This change is expected Facebook can make users feel more positive when leaving the social media.

"We feel responsible for ensuring in-app services are not just fun to use, but also good for users," Mark Zuckerberg said in a post on Facebook blog.

Previously, Facebook pushed content from media and viral content that appeared in Facebook News News. That way mentioned Facebook makes users become more passive and less enjoy the content in News Feed it.

This change is expected to provide content that lets more conversation and interaction between users.

"We predict uploads that can make you want to interact with your friends, and put them on feeds," says Adam Mosseri, who serves as Head of News Feed on Facebook.

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