Microsoft announced plans to acquire cloud service provider company Avere System

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Microsoft announced plans to acquire Avere Systems, a hybrid cloud-based data storage company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. However, detailed information regarding the deal is still kept secret. Avere System was founded in 2008, offering help in combining local public data storage, while offering services on a combination basis of software and hardware.

Some companies may have taken advantage of cloud capabilities, but storing data internally is also considered to offer benefits. Because internal storage allows data to be transferred more quickly.

Adopting a hybrid approach allows a number of tasks to be handled by the company's internal systems, while other tasks, especially those requiring significant processing power, can be handled by the cloud.

Avere Systen has collaborated with Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform, but not Microsoft. Avere System is also reported to have received funding of US $ 86 million since its establishment.

The funding includes investments worth US $ 14 million less than a year ago, when Google joined the board of directors as a new investor. After the acquisition process is complete, Avere System is expected to fully switch to Microsoft cloud services.

Meanwhile, in addition to offering a hybrid cloud service, Avere System also provides access to a number of large companies in various industries for Microsoft.

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