Microsoft released security updates for Windows devices in response to bug reports on processor chipsets

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Microsoft released a special security update supporting Windows versions currently available in the market. The update is part of a series of fixes to protect the recently discovered processor bugs on Intel, AMD and ARM chipsets.

Microsoft will release a Windows update that will be automatically applied to Windows 10 operating system devices. The update was released on January 3, 2018, at 5 pm Eastern United States time or 2 pm US Pacific time.

This update will also be available for previous versions of Windows operating systems that are currently still in use by consumers. However, updates will not be automatically applied through Windows Update on Windows 7 or Windows 8 devices, until January 9th.

Not only Microsoft, Intel, AMD and other vendors are also providing immediate response related bugs in the processor. This technology company has provided their version upgrades via firmware update.

A number of anti-virus companies are also considered to need to provide updates in order to work with the improvements provided by technology companies, because the changes are related to access at the Kernel level.

Firmware and patch software updates can cause performance slowdown on some systems. However, experts say that Intel processors based on Skylake or newer architecture will not experience significant performance degradation, although different things will be experienced by older version of processor.

Intel called performance slowdown to be dependent on the processor's workload, but Intel did not explain the impact of the slowdown on the older version of the device. Microsoft also plans to update its cloud-based servers, through the latest firmware and patches.  

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