The 7 most valuable and most popular digital currencies in the world

Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin
In addition there are real currencies such as dollars and other currencies, it turns out there is another type of currency, the digital currency. One of the most popular digital currencies recently is Bitcoin. But digital currencies are not just bitcoins, there are like Ethereum.

Digital currency or also called Cryptocurrency is a discovery on the internet. Crypto is a digital currency that runs independently or independently without interference from a local bank in the world. Crypto is made based on the idea of how to create a system where money does not need to be tied to places and locations, such as the internet.

As you know that, the most expensive currency is still held by bitcoin. In addition to bitcoin there are also other digital currencies, the following I will explain some of the digital currency.

1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most expensive crypto currency today, many people are starting to collect bitcoin. Bitcoin is a crypto currency created by someone named Satoshi Nakamoto, the currency was launched in 2009 to the public in open source.

2. Ethereum

Countless number of digital currencies are trying to rival the popularity of bitcoin, although there are many but no one can. In 2014 a new platfrom created by Vitalik Buterin, the platform has the name Ethereum. With the help of his colleagues, Vitalik Buterin managed to get funding of US $ 18 million to fund the making of the platform. What makes Ethereum popular is because it can make payments without going through a third party or by using a peer to peer network.

3. Litecoin

LTC or litcoin is a crypto released in 2011 and, interestingly, this currency is made by one of the former employees of google named Charles Lee. He made this digital currency in order to make a digital currency better than bitcoin. Just like bitcoin, Litecoin is used for digital currencies that can be used as transaction services and goods. Litecoin increasingly declining year, the peak of the use of Litecoin is in 2013.

4. Bitshares

Next is an alternate digital currency from bitcoin that has a decentralized technology similar to bitcoin, but its markeptplace has reached up to 165 billion by 2016. Bisthares or BitAssets is a cyrpto that offers you both gold, dollar, bitcoin, euro, and others in virtual form. To be able to interact you need an internet connection to access it just like any other currency.

5. Dash

Dash or commonly referred to as Darkcoin is an altcoin that has been included in the top 10 in the digital currency ratings in the world. The Dash currency was created by Evan Duffield and Kyle in 2014 in January. The initial price of this crypto was once more expensive than bitcoin, in part because of a new decentralization called Masternodes, where it made higher security. Dash has a service that is DarkSend with this service transactions that you do will not be easily tracked by others.  

6. NXT

The digital currency of this one also belongs to the top 10 in the largest market cap around the world. With decentralized technology NXT can make money transfers wherever quickly and easily, and without spending money for delivery. Unlike the other crypts, NXT has a unique platform that users can create their own proprietary applications on technology from Blockchain NXT. To do this the user simply install the application or its software.

7. Ripple

Crypto this one also included into the top 10 in digital currency with the largest market cap, this ripple has a good popularity. But Ripple has a very different system with bitcoin's proprietary system, ripple is a kind of protocol like TCP / IP commonly used for data transmission, but ripple is specified for delivery and receipt of payment. Ripple can also be used as an exchanger on e-currency and other currency and also payment gateway.

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