Motherboard shipments are expected to fall 10% this year

Global component shipments of motherboards are predicted to fall by 10 percent by 2018. Predictions compiled from distribution line holders are also based on a declining PC market towards the end of last year, especially the assembled PC sector. The self-assembled PC sector is also expected to drop by 15 percent for the same year.

Global shipments of motherboards from major manufacturers such as ASUS, MSI, and GIGABYTE reach 75 million units by 2013.

This number dropped to less than 50 million units the next three years. By 2017, global motherboard shipments are projected to fall back to 43 million units.

From some major manufacturers, GIGABYTE has a big share in this decline. They are restructuring the business, resulting in a reduction in shipments to 12.6 million units by 2017.

Previously, they managed to supply 16.2 million units of motherboards to the world. However, GIGABYTE is predicted to stabilize again in the first half of 2018. Analysts are optimistic the Taiwanese company can restore their lost market.

Despite the decline, the motherboard gaming market continues to grow. This positive trend is supported by an increasingly competitive price for all market classes. This is also one of the reasons motherboard manufacturers deliver more gaming variants, including for economical classes.

ASUS still dominates the gaming motherboard market, with a mastery of about 70 percent. The supplier also mentioned that the remaining 30 percent of the available market became a struggle for other producers, which is considered difficult to give a loophole to increase sales.  

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