Nintendo will shut down Miitomo in May

Over the years, fans and analysts have been anticipating Nintendo's move to get into the mobile gaming market. Many people who suspect, Nintendo will come with Mario games or mobile versions of Wii games or Wii U. However, Nintendo took a completely unexpected step. The Japanese company launched Miitomo.

The game is a social quiz game that focuses on silly jokes and avatars of Mii that can be customized. Now, games that bring Nintendo to the App Store and Play Store will be stopped.

Nintendo announced the Miitomo server will be shut down permanently on May 9, two years after the application was launched.

Miitomo it does look cute, but he is not like most games. The players can create a character Mii and can change the clothes that he wore. However, there is not much that players can do.

Usually, in Miitomo, players are only asked to answer some questions and share their answers with their friends. Players can also play a mini-game similar to Pachinko to win various outfits for his avatar.

Nintendo has stopped selling Miitomo coins or digital currencies that users use to buy clothes for their characters. The game can no longer be played in May.