Ownership of intelligent speakers in the United States increased by 128 percent

Google home and Amazon echo
A recent survey released by National Public Radio (NPR) and Edison Research revealed the number of owners of Amazon or Google smart speakers in the United States has increased by 128 percent since January 2017.

Most of the sample of research that is equal to 51 percent call now more use of intelligent speakers when compared when the first time the device.

The survey also mentions that now more people spend time interacting with Assistant or Alexa on intelligent speakers, when compared to smartphones or televisions.

In addition, researchers also estimate as many as 39 million Americans or about 16 percent of the population has intelligent speakers. Eleven percent of some survey responders have Amazon Echo and four percent own Google Home, but no percentage owners are reported for both devices.

The survey also reported that 71 percent of respondents mentioned more listening to audio since having smart speakers, while 39 percent said they prefer to spend time with smart speakers compared to traditional radio.

Meanwhile, 60 percent of others call playing music into activity that is often done by utilizing intelligent speakers when gathered with family and colleagues.

Percentage of music listening activity with colleagues doubled, when compared with other activities such as asking general questions by 30 percent and 28 percent voices.

In addition, the survey also found that 31 percent of users use intelligent speakers to control smart device equipment around their homes for a week before the survey. As many as 30 percent of owners of intelligent speakers are also reported to want to buy a second unit to control more smart home products in other rooms.

The survey was conducted by asking questions to 1,010 adults of the United States through an adult phone call, and 806 adults of the United States via online.

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