Poor condition of Apple factory workers

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Apple's suppliers in China are once again reportedly letting their workers work in miserable conditions, reports China's non-profit Labor Watch organization. About the state of the workers at the Catcher Technology factory, which manufactures products for Apple in Suqian, Jiangsu province, six hours from Shanghai.

The workers at Catcher make order for the iPhone as well as components for the MacBook. Everyday, the workers stand for about 10 hours to cut the iPhone casing. Workers are also required to work with hazardous chemicals without glasses or gloves to protect their face and hands.

Indeed the workers still use the face mask, but the oil they use to cut the order of the iPhone may still splatter into their eyes and make their eyes red.

Workers are also mentioned using cotton gloves that will become wet because of the cutting fluid they use. Meanwhile, the gloves were in direct contact with their skin. This will eventually cause skin irritation.

As long as they work, the sounds issued when they cut the iPhone casing are reported to be 80 decibels or more. According to IAC Acoustics, this could potentially cause damage once workers are exposed to the sound for eight hours.

China Labor Watch also found that the factory floor is usually slippery by oil and workers often slip and fall. While eating food in the cafeteria often causes workers to diarrhea.

Workers earn a basic salary of US $ 302.84. That way, the factory can get a bigger profit. And they usually work for 55 hours per week.

A report from China Watch Labor also mentions workers will be paid on the 5th. If they resign, they will not get the rest of their salary. Sometimes, manufacturers prohibit workers from withdrawing and forcing them to keep working.

Although in factory workers regulations can earn twice the salary if they work on Saturday and Sunday, but the reality on the ground is not like that. Workers work from Monday to Friday with a day off which they have to replace later.

The factory does not offer insurance until a worker works for at least three months. And if workers resign, they will not get a medical check unless they are willing to pay their own examination fees.

The report also discusses the incident when a female worker suffered a miscarriage and the investigator suspected the reason was due to her inhuman working conditions. The investigator could not find a connection between the two events.

When there were reports of inappropriate worker conditions in Apple's suppliers, the Cupertino company made a report of supplier responsibility annually since 2007.

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