Samsung announced a 146-inch screen and claimed to be the first modular TV screen in the world

Samsung The Wall
Samsung is ready to enliven CES 2018 with its flagship TV product titled The Wall, claimed as the world's first modular TV. The Wall comes with a 146-inch dimension using MicroLED technology to produce images.

MicroLED has a number of advantages similar to OLED. Each microscopic LED can emit its own light, and does not require a backlight. This creates solid black and other colors as bright as OLED.

This technology is also able to present images with a good level of brightness. In addition, The Wall comes with a slim frame design that Samsung describes as the base module. Samsung calls this design allows users to create a TV size as needed.

Samsung does not specifically explain how this new TV works, and just reveals that this modular screen can be used to create a large screen on the wall, or allow customers to enlarge the traditional screen size to fit in with new space at home.

In addition, Samsung also did not specify the concept and number of modules that will be exhibited in the event First Look, in Las Vegas, United States. However, Samsung provides an example MicroLED panel at the CES 2018 start event to show small RGB pixels.

Currently The Wall is still a concept, but Samsung claims to have a plan to sell it. Samsung promised to reveal more information at its global launch event, which is planned for the second quarter.

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