Samsung plans to sell its Exynos chipset to other smartphone manufacturers

Samsung Exynos
Samsung plans to increase production of Exynos CPUs of its work and find buyers among smartphone vendors. Samsung also plans to sell most of the chipsets for middle-class smartphones in an effort to defeat MediaTek.

If this effort succeeds, 2018 is expected to be a difficult year for MediaTek. In addition, analysts also mentioned that Samsung seeks to increase its smartphone chipset market share by selling it to other companies.

Samsung is also called to use Exynos CPUs in its products, in order to gain more benefits from the 5G Internet networking approach that will be officially presented in 2020.

Currently, Samsung is only ranked fourth in the list of market share in the realm of the smartphone chipset, with Qualcomm as the leader and followed by Apple in second place and MediaTek ranked third.

Meanwhile, the benchmark company AnTuTu released compelling statistics compiled from its benchmark service data for 2017, calling Samsung the world's most emulated smartphone brand.

Previously, Samsung also reportedly will complement the latest flagship smartphone that will be launched in the MWC 2018, Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, with two features that never existed on previous Android smartphone. First is the new technology embedded in the screen. 

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