Samsung targets to sell 320 million smartphone units by 2018

Samsung logo
Samsung plans to sell as many smartphones as possible in 2018, as much as it has sold in 2017. The number of targeted Samsung reported to reach 320 million units of mobile phones.

With smartphone sales of 320 million units by 2018, Samsung will be able to keep its sales charts stable. The reason behind the decision on such growth is because the mobile market is considered to have experienced saturation.

For that year, Samsung will target to sell 320 million units of smartphones, 40 million feature phone units, 20 million tablets and five million wearable units during 2018.

The success of selling as many as 320 million smartphone units will help Samsung maintain its first position on the list of manufacturers with the best selling rate in the global smartphone market.

Two of its biggest competitors, Apple and Huawei, are expected to sell 200 million units and 150 million units this year.

Meanwhile, the end of the report also revealed that Samsung does not predict an increase in the number of smartphones that will be successfully sold.

Recently, Samsung has also registered patents for rollable screens, and can be activated by using a fingerprint scanner sensor. Samsung's display of this work utilizes a magnet placed around the main body of the screen framing.