Samsung's new refrigerator uses Bixby's virtual assistant

Samsung Refrigerator Family Hub 3.0
Samsung fulfills its promise to install its virtual assistant, Bixby, to devices other than mobile devices. They have just introduced Family Hub 3.0 fridge with Bixby as its main feature.

At Samsung Family Hub, Bixby will become active when the user says commands like; "Bixby, add the wine to the grocery list." In addition, this refrigerator will also integrate the introduction of groceries like Instacart.

Bixby in this refrigerator can also tell users the usual information appear on the screen refrigerator, such as weather or events in the user's calendar. Samsung's latest refrigerator is equipped with a profile for its users.

That way, users will get more personal results. However, in order for this feature to work, Bixby must be able to distinguish the voice of the user.

Meanwhile, the Family Hub also integrates Samsung's SmartThings ecosystem. Through this refrigerator, users will be able to control the lights, change the temperature of the room and monitor security cameras.

For speakers, Samsung embed the AKG speakers, which promise a richer bass sound. This refrigerator can also connect to the user's Spotify account and play the song through its speakers.

Samsung also provides some software updates, including the Meal Planner that will customize recipes based on user preferences, diet or even based on when the food is expired.

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