Snap prohibits employees from leaking internal information

Snap inc.
The memo aimed at Snap Inc.'s top officials to employees contains a ban for leaking internal company information circulating on the internet. Snap calls will apply penalties for users who leak internal information.

Emphasizing a zero-tolerance policy, Snap said he would dismiss, impose fines, or imprison an employee, who is caught leaking confidential information.

General counsel and lawyer Snap Michael O'Sullivan in the memo also mentioned employees who divulge Snap's confidential information will be prosecuted legally, even though employees do not benefit from the information.

The memo appears leaked by the latest information reveals the company plans to lay off a number of staff, and disseminate confidential data related to the exact number of daily active users in the Snapchat message app.

The data shows that Snap Maps is not experiencing growth related to the number of users. This feature shows the location of Snap submitted, allowing users to know the origin of the information presented on the content.

In September, only 11 percent of Snapchat users took advantage of the Snap Maps feature every day. In addition to the memo, O'Sullivan also mentioned, to answer questions from the media, Snap employees are only allowed to submit a "no comment" response.

Previously, Snap Inc. confirmed to have laid off at least 20 employees in various divisions. Most of the fired people work in content teams in the offices of New York and London, and more than 10 people who were fired yesterday are part of the content team.

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