Snapchat now lets users share stories with non-users

Snapchat logo
Snap Inc. announces new capabilities on its social networking platform, enabling users of certain apps to share content to colleagues who do not install Snapchat apps on their devices.

However, the shareable content is Stories created by official accounts, such as celebrities, sports franchises, and politicians. Such content may be viewed through links that redirect non-app users to the page.

By allowing stories to be shared with non-users, Snapchat hopes people who have not installed the app will love it, and ultimately share Snapchat.

Snapchats are reported to have encountered difficulties due to a decrease in certain metrics, indicating fewer users are using their apps on a daily basis. In addition to sharing content via links, this new feature also allows media sites to embed content directly into articles.

The decision is based on YouTube's experience. By making it easier for users to embed their video library on the site, YouTube helps Google as the app owner to become a leader in the realm of streaming video sources in the world.

The same thing also experienced Twitter, make it easier to embed the content on the site. Meanwhile, the sharing feature is only available in countries that have received updated version offerings, such as Australia and Canada.

In an effort to monetize Snapchat more easily, Snap Inc. has attempted to release a new design user interface, making it easier to separate content uploaded by the media, from peer-to-peer content and user's family. However, this update is released more slowly than usual.

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