Spotify launches a new visual layer enhancement feature in content called Spotlight

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Spotify has just launched a new function that has been implemented for its music app, Spotlight. As the name suggests, this new feature brings a number of visual layers to the variety of content Spotify provides for customers.

Spotlight and visual layers are aimed at enhancing the content listening experience users get from podcasts, audiobooks, news, and other audio content available on the Spotify platform.

At launch, Spotlight will offer content from Spotify partners like BuzzFeed News, Cheddar, Crooked Media, Lenny Letter, Gimles Media, Genius, The Minefield Girl, Refinery29, and Uninterrupted.

In addition, Spotlight will also be filled with content from a number of Spotify's original series as a visual layer, including RISE, Secret Genius, Spotify Singles and Viva Latino. According to Spotify, more series will be launched during next February.

Unfortunately, Spotlight is only available in the United States when it launches, but Spotify calls this new feature to be released in other countries where this streaming music service company operates, in the near future.

Meanwhile, Spotify announced it has had 10 million new paid subscribers over the past six months. This number adds the number of customers who subscribe to Spotify to 70 million subscribers.
Spotify has 70 million free service users, so if combined, Spotify now has 140 million subscribers.

Previously Spotify has been sued by Wixen Music Publishing lawsuits for unlicensed song offerings on its streaming service. However, the lawsuit filed by Wixen Music Publishing became the biggest in the Spotify history.

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