Spotify was fined $ 1.6 billion due to licensing issue of unlicensed song offer

Spotify is legally sued by Wixen Music Publishing regarding the unlicensed song offerings on her streaming service. However, the lawsuit filed by Wixen Music Publishing became the biggest in the Spotify history.

The manager of the song composition rights by various musicians from Neil Young to Zach de la Rocha is claiming Spotify for copyright losses worth at least US $ 1.6 billion.

Wixen also claims this streaming service utilizes tens of thousands of songs without licensing and compensation deals. The lawsuit also contains objections regarding a $ 43 million settlement offer in another case that occurred in May.
Until now, Spotify is still not willing to provide a response regarding this issue. However, Spotify claimed to be questioning the true ownership of Wixen's permission from the artist or songwriter.

Information relating to the ownership of such permission allows Wixen to negotiate as a musician's representative, but does not authorize the filing of lawsuits. Spotify is also considered to be able to use streaming service arguments not related to reproduction rights and distribution as a defense.
The time of license registration on 29 December is not a coincidence, because the law will clarify the permissions required before 2018, unless lawsuits are in the process of completion.

If granted by the court, this lawsuit could have a major impact on Spotify. Because up to now, Spotify is still losing after operating for the last few years, while its overall profit in the first half of 2017 reached just US $ 2.2 billion.