Starting February 28, Pokemon GO can not be played on the old iPhone

Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO gamers who still use the old iPhone and iPad will no longer be able to play the mobile game. Niantic Labs announced that February 28, 2018, gamers who can not upgrade to iOS 11 can not play Pokemon GO.

Niantic explained in a statement that upgrades for their games are driven on iOS version capabilities. If so, then gamers who still use the iPhone older than the iPhone 5s no longer get support for the game.

If gamers have an iPhone between 5s and X, then gamers can still play the game to capture the digital monster. As for the 5c and older models, gamers unfortunately can no longer try the famous game with Augmented reality (AR) feature.

While on the 4th generation iPad and older, then the device is no longer compatible with Pokemon GO. For those who still want to continue the game, they can switch to newer devices, which can support the iOS 11 version.

"In the next update for Pokemon GO, we will end support for Apple devices that can not upgrade to iOS 11, such as the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c models," wrote Niantic.

Gamers or Trainers who can not play this game because constrained iOS version, then they can not access Pokemon GO, or use PokeCoins or other items in their Bags.

The previous outstanding information revealed that Pokemon Go got optimum support from Apple augmented reality (AR), titled ARKit. This was announced by game developer Niantic.

The AR system that is part of iOS 11 will allow developers to add a much more sophisticated AR mode.

Niantic uses ARKit to fix Pokemon caught on camera with a higher level of accuracy. The new AR + mode also allows iOS users to take advantage of new bonuses to make it easier to get Pokemon.

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