The Apple HomePod smart speaker receives permissions from the FCC

Apple HomePod
The Apple HomePod smart speaker receives permissions from the FCC, which indicates that the device will be launched in the near future. The FCC documents show that Apple registered the permissions on September 27th.

The registration date also indicates that Apple has not applied many changes to the speakers of this intelligent work for the past four months. Apple is expected to have begun a HomePod development project since 2014.

HomePod development time is the same as the launch of Amazon Echo limited edition. The launch is rumored to surprise technicians in Cupertino, who developed the Apple intelligent speakers.

However, the HomePod team used inverse techniques to conclude that the audio in Echo has not matched the quality of Apple device speakers, and continues the development of HomePod for the next four years.

Apple HomePod is expected to feature sound quality, while Amazon and Echo favor the ability of their personal assistants. Alexa became one of the most popular technologies thanks to its ability to work with third-party companies to handle large-scale tasks.

Google Assistant may be able to work with third parties, but this is in contrast to Apple's principles. This is considered to inhibit the development of Siri to be able to match the ability of two major competitors.

Meanwhile, growing speculation calls that Apple HomePod will be released within two to four weeks.

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