The distribution of smartphones in China during the year 2017 decreased

The year 2017 is not a good year for the distribution of smartphones in China. According to research firm Canalys, device distribution in 2017 and then decreased by four percent, when compared with the number in 2016 of 459 million units.

This decline in the number of smart device distributions per year occurs for the first time in China. From October to December 2017, 113 million mobile phones entered the Chinese market, down 14 percent compared to Q4 in 2016.

Huawei is still a leader in the Chinese market, distributing more than 24 million smartphones during the fourth quarter, up nine percent compared to 2016. During 2017, Huawei distributed more than 90 million units.

Canalys analyst Mo Jia mentioned that half of the total distributed smartphones are Honor-branded phones. This analyst assesses internal cannibalization occurs, as competition between major brands and other brands increases.

Meanwhile, the decline in distribution in the fourth quarter 2017 also experienced Oppo by 16 percent compared to the same period in 2016, while Vivo by seven percent. During the three-month period, Oppo distributed as many as 19 million units, while Vivo as many as 17 million units.

Both companies managed to display growth related to distribution during 2017. The fourth position of distribution list in China is inhabited by a new name, after Apple beat Xiaomi previously occupied the position.

Big players in the realm of Chinese smartphones are predicted to implement aggressive plans to keep or increase their market share. This leaves the rest of the space for smaller vendors, and market share in 2018 is expected to fluctuate.

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