The hotel owner refused a YouTuber requesting to stay at his hotel for free

Elle Darby
A hotel prohibits YouTuber and Instagram stars from staying at his hotel after a 22-year-old YouTuber asks to stay for free and cry when his request is turned down.

The issue began when Elly Darby, a British social media star with 87,000 followers on YouTube and 76,000 followers on Instagram emailed the owner of The White Moose Cafe, Paul Stenson, asking if he was interested in collaborating.

"I work as a social media influencer, focusing on lifestyle, beauty and travel themes," Darby wrote in an email he sent to Stenson.

She then explains that she and her partner plan to go to Dublin to celebrate Valentine's Day from February 8 to February 12.

"When I search for hotels, I see your charming hotel and I want to put it in my YouTube social media or Instagram Stories video uploads to increase traffic to your hotel and recommend your hotel if you let me stay for free."

He explains, last year, he collaborated similarly with Universal Orlando in Florida last year and felt the collaboration was a success.


Stenson uploaded Darby's email to his hotel's Facebook page. "Hello Social Influencer (I know your name, but it does not seem important to call you by name)," Stenson wrote as the beginning of the answer.

"Thank you for the email to request a free lodging instead of exposure.You must be very brave to send such emails, even though you seem to have no self-esteem.

"If I let you stay here instead of your videom, who will pay the staff who will serve you? Who will pay the man who cleans your room? The waiter who serves breakfast for you? The receptionist who lists you? Who will pay for the electricity and the room heater do you wear it during your stay here? "

Furthermore, Stenson writes, "Maybe I can tell my staff that they will get into your videos instead of their pay for the duties they've been working on while you're here?"

Stenson's message ended with the phrase, "The answer is no."

Stenson tries to censor Darby's contact. However, social media users quickly learned that YouTuber he meant was Darby and started commenting negatively on his request for a free stay.

This negative comment prompted Darby to upload a YouTube video. In the video, she is seen crying, admitting she feels humiliated.