The iPhone battery burns in two Apple Store

Apple store
For the second time within two days, iPhone batteries were reported to explode while inside the Apple Store. The second incident occurred at the Apple Store in Valencia, Spain, causing the room to be covered with smoke.

The worker of the Apple Store Valencia managed to extinguish the fire and opened a window for smoke. The fire was declared to have been extinguished before three firefighters and police were not at the scene.

The incident that occurred at 1.30 noon local time ended without involving injured victims. On Tuesday, Apple Store employees in Zurich, Switzerland suffered minor burns caused by iPhone batteries in the store suddenly on fire.

Altogether, seven people were injured in the incident at the Apple Store Zurich, though not requiring the victim to be examined on an in-hospital basis. Apple has recently admitted making adjustments to the CPU on iPhone 6 and earlier versions.

The action is taken by Apple to prevent devices with the support of older versions of the battery experiencing sudden disabling problems while performing complex tasks. As compensation for his actions, Apple offers battery replacement on the model.

Apple offers replacement batteries at a cost more affordable than before the case is known to the public, from US $ 79 to US $ 29 until the end of 2018.

The action also led to lawsuits filed by a number of parties who feel harmed by Apple from various countries. The most recent lawsuit for the case was filed in France, following the United States and Israel who had earlier filed charges.

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