The phone battery explodes after being bitten

Mobile phone battery exploded
Naturally if you as a consumer want to ensure get the best service and original products. However, there are some things that are not rightly done.

A man in China has just been the victim of a cell phone battery explosion. Not due to bad battery conditions, but allegedly due to careless consumer who bite the battery.

Circulating a video on China's social network Miaopai shows a battery exploding in an electronics store and has seen 4.69 million views. Local media Taiwan News said the incident occurred on January 19.

The victim is an iPhone user and is looking to replace his cell phone battery. Suspected victims want to check the authenticity of the battery.

Told that the victim wants to guarantee that the battery used is genuine and bite it as it is to test the authenticity of a gold. Lucky in this incident there is no victim of a seizure wound.

This accident is actually already predicted, because in some electronic devices especially the battery is usually written not to not stab a battery. The content in it also once mentioned immediately burned when in contact with the air.

But the question does not stop there, need further investigation whether this happens due to careless user or indeed the battery is fake so easily explode.


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