Tim Cook believes HomePod is able to compete with Amazon Echo and Google Home

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple officially announced the date of distribution of its first smart speaker, HomePod, which is on the upcoming 9 Ferbuary, and starts the ordering program on January 26th.

The device is offered for US $ 350 is equipped with 7 tweeter, one woofer and Siri integration. Compete with Amazon Echo and Google Home which has been first, HomePod claimed no less interesting.

In an interview as a series of tours in Canada, Apple CEO Tim Cook called Apple HomePod an audio advantage not owned by rival devices, Amazon Echo and Google Home.

"We think the one thing that's missing from this market is the quality audio experience, the audio experience is amazing, the music is more deserved to be delivered in quality compared to the less pleasant sound quality in the ear."

However, Siri quality level is not considered equivalent to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Nevertheless, Cook is optimistic that Apple can overcome the limitations on its smart speakers due to the lack of vertical integration of Siri capabilities, by integrating software and hardware.

In addition, Cook also uncovered his uncertainty with Amazon's and Google's business strategy by presenting their virtual assistants on the devices of various manufacturers, as the best step in this realm.

"The competition makes us all better and I welcome it, but if you try to license something and compete with your license, it's a difficult model and it will take time to prove it."

In the meantime, as many as 84 percent of consumers and 70 percent of Google Home consumers use their devices to listen to music, ask for information, control smart home devices, and order food.

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